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The proper set up of on-page and off-page optimization for your targeted keywords will give you a better position of your website in a search engine result page (SERP). Both the techniques are integrated in the SEO methods and procedures to improve the traffic of a website. These two techniques cover the whole system of SEO to represent a website in different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others very effectively and systematically.

In a single line, on-page SEO refers to all those things that we need to assemble within our website, for example the meta title, meta description, unique content, unique image, keyword stuffing, genuine internal linking and many more coding errors. The on-page SEO only means to make your website search engine friendly by structuring and building its inner parts.

In favor of getting visibility on the internet, the off-page SEO plays a vital role because it makes your website more popular in the SERP.Digital marketing agency

The common off-page techniques only improve your website position, so take a look of the new listing off-page SEO trends introduce in 2018 to make your website very popular with all search engines.

1. Social Media Engagement
To grow your business very frequently and reach more genuine backlinks by using the techniques of social media engagements.It can engage your website with people of multiple social media platforms. The most famous social media platforms currently used are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

To gain high traffic to your website and blog, social bookmarking sites help you a lot.It is the best platforms to promote your website by bookmarking your web pages on popular social media bookmarking websites. The most trending social bookmarking websites are,,, and many more popular sites.

3. Document Sharing
By submitting your unique content and attractive documents in the document sharing websites are more enough to promote your website to your potential viewers. Here you need to create attractive contents should be either in pdf or ppt format related to your business ideas and blogs. The most popular document sharing websites are,,, and many more.

4. Image Submission
By sharing your images in image submission websites are a very effective technique to promote your website. Before submitting the image, you need to check the proper, title and description of the image and optimize them with the correct URL. The most famous image submission websites are,,,, and none other than

5. Video Submission
If you want to make your video popular and reach your target viewers, then you need to put in the video submission website. Here, you only need to make sure about the title, description, tags and reference links of your video. It is one of the easiest and popular techniques to reach quality backlinks of your website. The popular video submission sites are,, and more.

6. Blog and Directory Submission
To build quality backlinks directory submission is the very efficient method. Find the directory submission sites who have high PR and post your content in it. It takes some time to deliver your desired result, but results stands out over a long time period. The famous directory sites are,,, and more.

7. Article Submission
For introducing your website in high PR article submission sites, make sure that your contents are unique and high quality. Choose the correct category for your article with a good title in your content for giving a link to your website. The most article sites are,,, and

8. Forum Submission
To make a connection with the community, participate in search forums, sites which are related to your business service and products. In forum submission websites you have the right to answer people’s questions and give your suggestions and advice easily. The most popular forum submission websites are,,, and many more.
Please share your opinion regarding our information, if you thought that we might have forgotten to introduce more off-page qualities,then we can add to this list. In our next blog we come up with new trends, techniques and strategies of SEO service.

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