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     Do you want to make your website keyword targeted, SEO-optimized and ready to grab more traffic in internet? The current technologies have enough efficiency to understand the keywords, who are mostly searched by your users. If you already aware about this stuff, then you need to learn about the real secrets of making your website keyword targeted. When we think about to optimize a website, two factors come in our mind, i.e. on-page optimization and off-page optimization.


This blog will focus more on on-page optimization and share you a lot of on-page SEO techniques need to be implemented within your website while working on the optimization process. People are generally confused about on-site optimization and on-page optimization because both the term sounds equally. The on-site SEO refers to the optimization of the entire website with site mapping and permalink structure. But, the on-page SEO optimizes content for a targeted keyword within the post.Digital marketing agency

Few on-page factors you need to keep in mind while optimizing your website:-

1. Website Title
The most important on-page factor is, putting more attractive and optimized title. By giving the attractive title, more people visit your website and it will get higher rank. You should try to use the targeted keywords or phrases towards the beginning of the title. Make sure that youdoes not repeat the same keyword more than once in the title tag because it could actually hurt your ranking.

2. Responsive Design
Google penalized the mobile unfriendly websites by their new updated algorithm. So, make the design of your website responsive to include the mobile-friendly feature in it. It can crack down other websites more in the future.

3. Internal Links
Internal links help your website visitors to spend more time on your website, this will increase the page rank of your website. While doing internal linking, try to use a keyword as the anchor text, but not overdo it. The links are proving to be relevant by the search engine to provide extra information beyond the displayed content.

4. Post Permalink Structure
The web service provider need to use the targeted keywords in the URL by avoiding the uses of special characters, symbols, brackets, commas, etc. within the actual URL. In on-page metric makes sure that your URL displayed correctly, if you use dashes to differentiate the strings, then it looks pretty permalinks and supported by many web browsers.

5. Heading Tag
The heading tag is very crucial to highlight the headings, sub-headings, and important points.Google’s algorithms don’t like to use too many h2 and h3 tags on a single page, so put one h1 tag in the title tag and sticks to use h2 and h3 tags. Repeating the heading tag in your website can impact the ranking of your website.

6. Meta Tag
You need to add a unique description for all the pages of your website. Write user friendly meta description that makes sense an related to your website services, otherwise you can use your targeted keywords in the description.

7. Image Optimization
The image optimization process will help you a lot while driving traffic from image searches. To make your website more focused and targeted, you need to put your keywords in the image title and alt text. Before putting any image within your website, you need to compress the images and use caching plugins in it because large images will slow down your website.

8. Boost site speed
If your designed website takes longer time to open, then its effect the visitor of your website because your visitors don’t want to wait for so much time to review your website service. So, try to minimize the loading speed of your website and make the loading speed within two seconds.

So, the above mention on-page things, are definitely proves to be beneficial for your website to improve its traffic and ranking.

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